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Our Facilities

Armstrong Group is a Negative Carbon Emitting Vertical Setup Textile Factory in India with sustainable renewable energy, latest technology machines and well-experienced & qualified staffs

to produce quality apparels.


Armstrong spinning mills is equipped with 27,000 latest spindles and world class machines from Blowroom to Winding, such as Autodoffer with compact, Auto-coners etc.,


With this latest technology and high skilled staffs, our production capacity is a massive 16 Metric Tons per day, where we make 100% sustainable products certified by Fairtrade, GOTS, GRS, OCS, RCS, CCS, Eco Label, Oekotex 100 and Higg Index.



Our knitting division, with 30 latest machines located in Tirupur and has a production capacity of 7 metric tons of fabrics per day.

We also have an excellent storing facility in campus to face future demands.


Our Eco-Friendly dyeing unit is equipped with

Zero Liquid Discharge Plant,

where we recycle & reuse the water and

maintain the environment.


With latest soft flow dyeing machines the

plant is capable of dyeing 15 metric

tons of fabric per day.


All our dyed fabrics pass International standards/parameters and

we maintain and deliver 100%

quality and result according

to client’s requirements.

Finishing Unit


Our finishing division is equipped with

Open width Padding machines,

Tubular Padding machines, Open width

Stentering machines,Open width compacting

and Tubular compacting machines and has a capacity of processing 17 Metric tons

of fabric per day.


Our cutting department is equipped with CAD, Auto Spreaders and Automatic Cutter along with skilled manual cutting facility to ensure quick and minimal wastage of cutting process.


The cut pieces are then managed through bar code system and segmented according

to their size and requirements.



Our versatile printing unit has both,12 colour automatic printing machines and

manual Glass-Top printing, where we are capable of printing almost all kinds of prints including

Pigment, Discharge, Hi-density, Flock, etc.,

The unit has a production capacity of 15,000 pieces per day.


Our embroidery unit has 5 Barudan machines

and has a production

capacity of 16 million stitches per day.


Garment Washing

Our garment washing facility is with latest machines to process and enhance the outlook, size, comfort of the garments.

It has the production capacity of washing

5,000 Pieces per Day.


Armstrong Knitting Mills - our sewing units

located at Tirupur Registered office and at Netaji Apparel Park, New Tirupur and Armstrong Apparels Pvt Ltd at Netaji Apparel Park has a production capacity of 52,000 finished products per day and expanding.


With excellent infrastructure, latest machineries and highly skilled man power,

we produce wide varieties of knitted garments

at a very fast rate. Our production output is maintained with Kanban system and each

line is designed with full finishing layout,

where the process starts from pre inspection, stitching, Post inspection, Ironing,

Labeling & ends with carton packing.


After packing the finished products are inspected for the one last time through closed product safety cabin through metal detectors before shipping

to ensure 100% quality & safe products are delivered.



We have a in house warehouse to store all our

finished products, which is digitally monitored

and an excellent logistics department to move

the products to any part of the world on time .


We have a dedicated Quality Control Department which maintain the quality of our apparels dispatched to 100% as per the clients requirement. 

Image by Jeff Sheldon

Wind Farms & Solar Plant

There is also a massive investment made in the renewable energy sources by Armstrong for the green energy by means of wind and solar power.


Here we generate over 18.5 mega watts from windmills and 20.234 Mega Watts by means

of solar energy per year, which serves

our power requirements 100%.


Through the green energy, we also reduce

46 Million Kilograms of C02 Per Year

and further expanding.

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