Corporate Social Responsibility

women empowerment

Women Empowerment

One of the main objectives of Armstrong is women empowerment.

Armstrong employees and gives more privilege to female candidates selected from different regions of the country including tribals to enhance women empowerment and their life standard.

Free Training Programs

We also provides free of cost training program for general public who wants to work in the garment factories. With expert’s knowledge, Armstrong teaches about fabric, garments, style and industry cultures to develop the skills and knowledge of the trainees.


This Training program benefits Armstrong group and many other garments

manufacturers in the region by creating quality workforce.

Eye Camp

Public Welfare

Armstrong jointly with Arivind Eye Hospital conducted free eye camp

since 2004. More than 6,000 people

in need have benefitted and 1,862 persons have got their vision through

this eye camps in and around 70kms radius from our factory.

Green Planet

Our main objective is to make

the planet green!


We have planted more than 5,200 trees in our region in the last 5 Years and harvested more than 3 million liters of rainwater in 10 Years and continuously striving to make it big!

Image by Kasturi Laxmi Mohit
Image by Josefin

Armstrong believes in achieving profitable growth by being

socially and environmentally responsible.


Armstrong will be the driving force for urgent climate action with a goal of 45%

reduced Co2 emission from Textile fiber and material production by 2030.

Armstrong is proud to be one of the Textile Industries to become the world’s leading producer of

Sustainable Textiles benefiting people and planet!