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About Us

Armstrong celebrates its 55th year in 2024.


Armstrong Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd, a textile conglomerate of Armstrong Knitting Mills, which was, established in the year 1969 in Tirupur, South INDIA.


Started as a humble beginning, now we have grown and stand tall as the pioneer in sustainable textiles and business by catering to the International market for more than five decades.


By using our products the brands can achieve their higher level of sustainability goals.


We are a Vertical setup company - From Farm to Fashion!

Vertical Setup Company

Armstrong Group with a Vertical Manufacturing Setup,

we manufacture quality apparels to many of the world’s leading brands for the past 5 decades.


Farm to Fashion - is our one line business statement,

where the entire process from sourcing quality cotton to making quality apparels are done by us! 

Armstrong’s sustainable policy follows Environmentally conscious manufacturing process at all levels.


Armstrong adopts green policy by using the latest technology machineries and infrastructure where natural resources like air, water and soil is protected

for the future and measured periodically by Higg Index.

Shri E.Palanisamy, Chairman

Adventure & Experience

 Sustainable Production, Quality Products,

Highly Skilled Staffs, Technology and Business Ethics is continuous strategy and

practice to our success!

- Shri. E. Palanisamy

Chairman, Armstrong Group

Technology & Practice

We always give 100% to meet the needs

of our buyers by constant upgradation

in our production technology and keeping the environment green by 

Eco-Friendly manufacturing process.

- Mr. Vivek Anand Palanisamy

Managing Director, Armstrong Group

Mr. Vivek Anand, MD

"Better understanding of Eco-System, Human Values and our Responsibility towards our Society made us to choose Organic Cotton as our Primary Product"

Our Membership

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